Uninhibited lyrics over seven flawlessly produced tracks. All enhancing true essence of the artists words. That’s the outcome with Niko Beats behind production and Huey Briss on the mic. Rugged and real. Their 2018 Black Wax EP is the epitome of a timeless offering.

Huey Briss is a first-rate emcee with a vicious work ethic from Long Beach. Always pushing quality content whether it be his music or a look behind the scenes. Which he does in one way through his Safe and Sound Sessions series. Niko Beats, another Los Angels native, is a mad scientist when he gets in the lab. Crafting beats that go beyond fulfilling their general purpose.

Constant themes are followed within Huey’s bars. A strong message of self reliance is depicted throughout. You can hear the determination and seriousness in his voice. While employing cutting-edge metaphors in each track. Never settling for anything less than words that will leave an impact. While Niko fills the void with sounds to blend enticingly with each vibe.

From the suspenseful sound Niko and DJ Babu bring right off the bat on Gil Scott Never Lied. Referring to the late, soulful 70s poet, musician, and author Gil Scott-Heron. Who’s work stood up and fought for social injustices. Contrast of mellow, layered production is seen on tracks like “Less / More” and “Bullets Don’t Need Guidance”. Everything down to the sequencing of the project is pristine. A bonafide EP from start to finish. It will always find its way back in my rotation.


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