YNB 201 releases some new heat today for our listening pleasure with production from Drako Bills. This ICEDOUTANGELS (IOA) duo gives us this energetic and exciting song entitled count it up. This song gives a very soft and slow beginning that fades into a sped up version of it. This frequent change in tempo while common for artists in the underground was still excellently done. From there we get the actual tempo of the song. The 808s and drums kicks in for real this time, coming for your neck. The drums being sharp and brash make for an enjoyable listening experience. The melody in this track is filled with mystery. It gives off an ominous vibe to it gives you a little bit of a chill while still making you want to listen to it more. Shortly after the drums and the melody come in, YNB comes starts the chorus of the song.Count it up” repeats for about 8 times before he starts rapping. His style while still fast in this song is understandable and makes you focus on the lyrics a little bit more than normal than usual. YNB while rapping continues to make the beat his bitch by riding it so effortlessly. Everything from start to finish on this song is great.

The duo  of Drako and YNB are unmatched from the likes of IOA. The two have charisma and it shows on this track. While both are still on the come up, they are sure to do big things in the future. Check out the track down below and tell us what you think of it.

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