An Interview With Queens Artist Fast Life

After dropping four powerhouse projects in 2018. Fast Life is carrying that energy over into this year. This cat from Queens is working mad hard on his music and stacking up the content everyday. With his self-titled Fast Life 2 project from last December still in rotation, he’s sitting on a whole project in the tuck. That should release some time in April.

Fast Life creates anthems for the streets. If the beat doesn’t move him or make a statement, he’s not rapping on it. Settling for nothing but the best work. Genuineness is felt through his entire catalogue. A stand-up guy that carries himself in person, the same way he does through his music. That credibility alone gives him the advantage when he’s in the booth. What he’s speaking on is real, it’s high-end, it’s the fast life! 

He spoke on Queens, his creating process, and upcoming work below:
Have you lived in Queens your whole life?

I was born in Elmhurst hospital, lived in Kew Gardens until I was four or five. Then my family moved to upper east side of Manhattan. I’ve been back in Queens since Freshman year of high school.

How would you describe living there?

Diverse. You got people from every crease and crevice of the world. I’d call it a cultural clash. That being said there’s fire food everywhere.

What’re some of your favorite spots to eat at?

“Latino Bites” 83rd Street and Northern Boulevard, “St James Deli” 34th Street and 34th Avenue, “Djerdans” 31st Avenue and 33rd Street. All fire.

Where do you play into the “cultural clash”?

I’m Albanian so that’s where I place myself. Everyone from somewhere, everyone has a tradition, a culture, a story. We all neighbors it’s like a melting pot. Everyone got love. I would have babies with a woman from every country if I could. It’s all love.

What’re a few words you’d use to describe your music?

Street, Drugs, High-end, Fast Life.

Would you say that’s a direct depiction of your environment?

Delicate. My environment is delicate because you can never get comfortable. You always have to be on your toes. Always trying to make a dollar. Always having to watch your back. It’s a lot of politics in the streets. A lot of people getting money, a lot of people hating and envious. It’s like a chess game. Every move matters.

Everything’s tight back there right?

Queens is a place where if you in the streets getting money your name will be known. It spreads around. Some people will respect it and some will test it. It’s a big ass city but at the same time the streets are small. I started rap because I was around it a lot and felt I could put out a quality product that people would fuck with. I feel when you a stand up dude who fucked around in the streets. It makes it easier for you to do so too.

You sound like a real genuine dude, that’s what drew me to your music first time I heard it. When did you first start taking rap serious?

Last year I’d say like very late 2017, early 2018.

Do you remember the first thing you recorded?

First time I recorded was like 2013/14 around then, I was fucking around in a lab my homie used to run and spot some shit. It was all jokes, for fun and shit.

Do you write your lyrics or freestyle?

Now I write all my lyrics. Sometimes it’ll take me a day or two. Sometimes I’ll do it on the spot. It really depends on my mood and environment

How do you choose your beats?

Producers send me beats and I’ll go through them. I usually hit youtube but lately i been working with a few established people.

Who are the producers you been going to consistently?

Zoomo, Ahj Adams, Luis Blue, these guys always supply a sound that I’m looking for. I fuck with Sadhugold too.

What type of sound do you look for?

Abstract and Classic, I like to mix the two. I like rapping on a certain sounding beat and each one give me a certain vibe. I’m very picky though.

“Fast Life 2” definitely has a particular sound that ties in with the rest of your work. What’s your personal favorite track off that project?

Zoomo Walk.

What are you currently working on?

A couple projects, one is wrapped up. One is half way done.

When do you plan on dropping that?

Sooner than later.

Is there anyone you wanna show love to?

Shout out to my bros Madhattan, Starker, Flee Lord, my cousin Skelz, my bros PapaNicks, Zoomo, LexWithThRecords, that’s all family.

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