Beats layered with so much soul it’s overwhelming. Classic samples put together elegantly by each producer over eleven tracks. Keeping a nostalgic and nothing but feel-good vibe from start to finish. This is that spring break cookout music. Ride around with the top down music, as the warm wind hits your face and people stop to hear what’s blasting out of your speakers.

It’s that new Koncept Jack$on. Thot Rap: Chapter 1, the first chronicle of the story. With the soundtrack crafted by Dibia$e, Ohbliv, Theravada, August Fanon,  Foisey, Suprchnk, and a self-produced cut for the intro. Spitting knowledgeable lyrics with his powerful flow throughout. Calling upon Monday Night, Mach-Hommy, and Quadry as the only three features. Bringing back to life records our Uncles and Pops were surely rolling around to. Familiar yet altered sounds with a new meaning. Lyrics that embody the times now, that’s beautiful music. Monumental execution for the first installment. This is what 2019 is sounding like.


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