Visual artists spend years perfecting their skills. It is an art that consistency is key for. Consistency will take you a long way and separates those who take photos, and those who are photographers. Faded Chinos, a Phoenix based visual artist who also draws and runs his own clothing brand Never Good Enough. He is the epitome of a hard working creative.


Regularly taking photos and sharing them with his following.  Taking advantage of the world around him daily. His style is real and uncut. It defines his surroundings and brings a beauty to them. Making a scene that most people would take for granted and shedding light upon it. Chinos makes everyday life seem exciting and does so on a scale that almost everyone can relate to. Especially those who have lived in Arizona, or anywhere on the west coast immediately sense the familiarity in his photos.

They embody what we see everyday out here. Evoking nostalgia in abundance and defining different parts of the Phoenix area. Still images that capture the culture and scenery with depth. Faded Chinos continues to sharpen his skills with every photo he takes. A humble student to the art of photography representing Phoenix.




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