ATL Smook Unlocks Brand New Project “Rudeboy Rockout”

ATL Smook has become one of my favorite artists in a short span of time. The Rude has kicked into a new gear in the past year since the release of his highly praised project World War Rude, and is making his rounds once again with his latest installment Rudeboy Rockout. Alongside previously released tracks like Poppin Shit, Smook builds on what he started, jumping head first into his rock influences with every intention to blend it beautifully with his street stories and experiences. Though Smook is embracing a new sound, he doesn’t shy away from his roots, delivering tracks like Never Landing and Loft Musik that will no doubt become favorites among his long time listeners. Nevertheless, Rudeboy Rockout is an incredible tape front to back and will retain its replay value for months. Check out the new tape for yourself below and let me know what you think in the comments.

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