An Interview With The Digggers

As the years have gone on the visual aspect of music has become essential. In a time where the internet is the easiest spot to promote yourself, you need to get out the best content possible. Artists who stop at music and don’t put any effort into visuals, cover arts, extra content in general are not going to last. They frankly will never even begin, chances are nobody will ever hear that music. 

When content is necessary, people who create and capture that content are also necessary. That’s where collectives of creatives like The Digggers come into play. They are everything an artist needs in one unit. Offering everything from videos to artist management, they are the full package for emerging artists. Created by Puzzle and Tyler Jerard in late 2017, they have been responsible for creating content for artists including V Don, Adonis, Retch, Nebu Kiniza, and more. 

Those who are behind the scenes doing work like this rarely get the credit they deserve. The Digggers have started a commendable movement. Becoming basically a one-stop shop for every piece of the puzzle that could change an artists career. Those services are hard to come by all in one like that. Turning to The Digggers, not only guarantees a quality finished product but a genuine experience as well. These two are for the culture and underground especially. Unapologetically working with the artists they believe in and pushing them forward.

We spoke on their origins, their services, and some of their favorite work below:

Who are the Digggers?  

The Digggers is a multimedia company that focuses on independent artists from various mediums including but not limited to music, visual art, video, and artist management. Digggers believe that all things concerning social import have a point of origin. Our mission is to not only capture, but to prune, assist and guide talent before it fruitions into stardom. Based in Atlanta we’ve grown from behind the scenes production work to a team of writers, producers, videographers and vocalist that share the collective vision of influencing popular culture from the ground floor.

How did you come together?

Craigslist believe it or not. Puzzle started the Digggers blog back in 2015 . Tyler Jerard was doing videos so I would put an ad on craigslist here and there to see if anyone wanted to work. One day I get an email from him asking to link and talk about a project that he was thinking about doing. After us working together on a couple things and clicking we thought it would be cool to partner up around late 2017.

What are all of the services you offer? 

Creative direction, music videos, mini documentaries, photography treatments, music production, management, and write ups.

What is some of your favorite content you’ve been apart of? 

Filming Zaytoven. Working closely with V Don. Shooting Nebu Kiniza and getting kicked out the hotel. Anytime we film an artist or create content we’re fans of it’s exciting.

Who are you currently working with?

We’re focused on mostly the underground scene. So artists like Flee, Vinny Fanta, Uzi Boys and many other dope Atlanta artists. Always V don, we’ve discussed some things with a few artist so hopefully more Retch videos. Possibly Westside Gunn and maybe a few surprises too.

Where are your favorite places to shoot? 

LA, NYC, and Atlanta.

What are some of your guys favorite films of all time?

K.I.D.S, The Professional, 500 Days of Summer, Silence of The Lambs.

What inspires you most to create?

Anytime we hear or see something dope we want to be the first people to bring that vision to life. Whether that’s a music video or a piece of content we want to be the first.

Who are the artists you’ve listened to the most in 2019? 

Flee, Gunna, Lucki, Brent Faiyaz ,Benny The Butcher, Griselda, Vinny Fanta,Lancey Fouxx, Nudy , Carti, a lot of local talent too.

What are your goals for the rest of the year? 

Our main goal is to of course grow as a brand in 2019 . A Digggers mixtape produced by us. Throw events, merch, more videos, bigger artists, bigger budgets. More content overall.






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