Taking something as simple as a word with a message behind it. That’s how brands come to be usually. Inland takes the beauty of simplicity to new heights. Preston Lilly started the brand back in early 2016 based on that idea alone, simplicity.

Phoenix has been his home since moving from California at age 13. Residing inland literally, that phrase would later be printed and sold to his following. Appreciation for clothing drove him to create his own, admiring Japanese brands like Neighborhood and Undercover. “Inland” in various fonts has become a staple of the brand. Never going over the top when they do use graphics. Each collection striving to stay diverse without taking it too far. A different message within each capsule. 

Releasing everything from shorts to shirts. Even full on sweat suits and bags. Different accessories and articles of clothing all under the same name. You can really be draped in “Inland” all the way down to the slides. Connecting directly with everyday life and the average person. Anybody can rock Inland and feel empowered. Establishing the brand aesthetically to be for anybody and everybody. That’s a difficult task to accomplish.



Preston’s Twitter

Inland Instagram


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