After a recent name change, SAM THRAXX brings us a new age pop-punk hit with SINCE U LEFT HOME. This song features production from his old alias nevernotbetter. Everything on this track is extremely enjoyable right from the time you click play.

The song starts out with a guitar melody played by none other than SAM THRAXX himself. The acoustics and pitch of the guitar give off a feeling of relaxation while still just a tad bit on edge. about 30 seconds later the drums and vocals come in. From the bio of the song it says, ” I wrote this about someone I don’t talk to anymore and wish I did </3″. The vocals 100 percent touch on that with the opening line.

I’ve been fucked up ever since you left home // and I trip too much when I get lone

Other than the vocals in the song, the drums on this song are extremely well put together. The subtle hi-hat in the drum loop adds a lot to this mix. Everything is mixed exceptionally well and makes for a really good listening experience.

While most of us know SAM THRAXX as nevernotbetter, this is a new chapter in his music career. This song is a strong start to the road that lies ahead for him. 2019 is looking to be an amazing year for Sam and we are more than excited to see what he does next. Check out the song down below and tell us what you think of it.


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