Producer Appreciation: Vinyl Villain

The Martin Scorsese of Hip-Hop. Painting audio pictures that tell stories, taking listeners all over the place. From the back of Travis Bickle’s cab in Taxi Driver to sitting across from Tommy at the bar in Goodfellas. Boston producer Vinyl Villain is adept at setting a scene and tone for every record he’s responsible for.

Production that is both cinematic and nostalgic, a killer combination. Ranging from dark, ominous sounds to smooth, mellow beats. Versatility that has been established since his early beat tapes. His sampling is never less than pristine, creating loops that will leave your ears satisfied and longing for more. He clearly is separated from a casual beat maker, the Villain is a bonafide producer.

Specializing in gritty, raw Hip-Hop he has produced for some of the staples in that pocket of the game. Most recently collaborating with Eto for their EP, New Crack Era which holds up to its title. Five straight tracks of Eto’s uncut flows over his audio dope production. Other artists that turn to him to provide their favored sounds include AnkhleJohn, Al Divino, Sauce Heist, Fast Life, Jamal Gasol, the list goes on.

It’s clear that Vinyl Villain holds up to the Martin Scorsese crowned comparison. Directing audible films and pushing artists to the best of their capabilities. Making beats that put each specific artist in their natural habit. The villainous producer certainly  deserves some praise.




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