Nothing is more impressive than when an artist and producer can collaborate to create a masterpiece. A producer must lock themselves in and find what compliments an artists sound. Not just for one track, but an entire project. Cohesively structuring each one to blend well with the next, to set the scene as the artist unleashes the plot.

V Don is in the top tier when it comes to crafting entire soundtracks. One of the best. Long Beach’s Adonis is a lyrical phenom and a fascinating storyteller. That’s a vicious combination. This Thing Of Ours, their 2018 project, is nine tracks of potent stories over jaw-dropping beats. With select features from Rochester’s Eto, Houston’s Tedy Andreas, and another Long Beach native Dell.

The production itself sounds straight out of a mobster movie, V Don is a master at directing the vibe. Congruence in sound through all nine tracks is as close to flawless as it gets. Balancing the straight gutter approach to more gracious, mellow production. No matter which beat, Adonis was going to bring mind boggling bars to the forefront. He speaks fluently to the people, relates with them sharing his pain. As well as his pleasure. It is a testimony to the trials and tribulations of a fast life. One of high risk and high reward. He tells it impeccably.

Purchase Your Physical Copy Here

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