The Iced Out Angels collective have finally put out their second EP entitled Chapter 2. This collective is filled to the brim with rising talent. The group consists of Toph24k, Cloudgami3k, 47BETA, KillJustin, Dreoh, Mochila, Dallas, MaseTheWorst, Shen, Dread, Matterk4k, Drako Bills, Skress, YNB201, Paco, Kuru, Whatsjaye, Frxstbite, yungteddyc, Sebii, rhine1k, ddertbag and angelus. This project is full of twists and turns, making this EP an exciting listen from start to finish. As the project is 10 songs long I’m going to be talking about what I think the highlights of this tape are.

The project starts out with two Frxstbite beats that are to die for. From the intro of Justin Bieber into Her. Her features of the likes of Mochila and SEBii along with production from Frxstbite. This is one of those songs that has so much potential to blow up. From the start, the beat begins with this angelic chimes that just echo in the background. This makes a for a very ethereal experience for the listening ear. Soon after Mochila comes in with vocals talking about love and Gucci fur. While the lyrics being simplistic, they have a nice ring to them. It’s a good song to get lost in and not pay too much attention. A part of this that really stood out to me was SEBii’s part. His sing-rapping in this, along with the fast triplet flow he does, makes for an exciting listen that put me in a trance the first time I heard it.

The next song that caught me off guard was I MEAN IF YOU SAY SO. This song features the likes of Gehrman and the IOA members being like the of beta on vocals and Mochila on the production end of things this time. Starting out is Mochila’s very recognizable tag. I had the volume up super loud during the first listen and my eardrums were just shattered when I heard it. From there the melody kicks in. While being sharp it keeps the listener’s attention. This along with the combination of the drums makes for a really good beat. Gehrman comes in seconds later with full force on the beat. Nothing can stop this man on this beat. his cadence and energy are through the roof making this beat look like child’s play. beta comes in later on this beat with a more laid energy, but his charisma is still there to show it. This song’s beat is something that I think could be versatile for a lot of different kinds of rappers to be on. From Gerhman’s and BETA’s performances it’s easy to see this.

The Iced Out Angels collective only started in October of last year and it’s starting to show that they are developing rapidly. From the multitude of blogs covering everyone in this group it safe to say they have some major talent. This being their second chapter in a never-ending saga (I assume), I’m super excited to see what they keep coming out with. Check out the project down below and tell us what you think of it what your favorite song on the project was.

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