The best brands, are the ones that are well-rounded. SixCell is more than a brand it’s a movement. An up and coming platform, after a clothing staple of course. Started in Chicago by Jake Hayes in late 2018, the first official drop is finally out. 


The SS19 drop offers four cold designs, ones that will make anyone on the street do a double-take. A hoodie in memory of the late legend ASAP Yams, an eerie butterfly print, airbrushed excellence, and skeletons who are working at the SixCell Call Center. Perfect execution for the debut. Not overwhelming the people but not doing too little either. Designs that are sure to be re-released for years to come. Establishing the brands aesthetic and cementing it with this drop. 

Tailoring to the underground. Not only providing the good threads but serving as a community. Hosting tracks and dropping mixes on their SoundCloud. Bringing all creative people together; other brands, musicians, skaters, artists, everybody. It’s clear that SixCell wants to see everybody win. By bringing people together that’s how we all win.

Cop the first drop below and follow both social medias.






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