Lil Turbo – Turbo Bieber 2: Popstar Lifestyle

Lil Turbo brings us back into his universe of catchy melodic songs with Turbo Bieber 2: Popstar Lifestyle. This project has been waited on for about a month since its announcement back in the middle of February. While that doesn’t sound like much time, for Turbo it is. The man has a crazy work ethic and it shows. While on the wait from Turbo Bieber to Turbo Bieber 2, Lil Turbo has dropped three projects. Rack Racer being album, Speed Racer being an EP with exclusive production from David Morse and of course NEILAWORLD’s SUPERNOVA having him and Kevin Kazi be the main vocalists/rappers on it. Now let’s go into this project and see what makes it more classic Lil Turbo we have come to know and love.

The first track is a great example of the popstar feel we get from the title of this project. The track Make You Sick produced by Suni Vega is the beginning of this project which makes for a very memorable track. In pop music you want a song that is memorable from the get go. Something that makes you think about the production while still giving the main attention to vocalist. This song does just that. The beat comes in, slow, smooth and quiet making a great beat for someone to just ride it. Turbo does just that with absolute ease. His deeper voice on this track goes great with the melody and drums on this. The melody being like a chord of a guitar on the lower frets and the drums just being a classic hi-hat and snare. While the beat isn’t complex by any means, it doesn’t mean that it’s bad. The simplicity of this makes for a great listen in the late night, maybe with just some headphones in relaxing while you’re browsing Twitter or something of that nature. This song is great and a beautiful opener and segway into the rest of the album.

Lil Turbo without a doubt has solidified his place in the underground. From his Twitter being active nearly 24/7, the constant work he does from rapping to beats, and also his friendly nature with tons of different rappers, producers and even graphic designers. Lil Turbo in March has already doing what some only wish to do for a whole year. This is Lil Turbo’s year and it shows heavily. Check out Turbo Bieber 2 down below and tell us what you think of it.

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