Behind The Lens: AreYouDeaf



First and foremost a producer but truly an artist of all forms at heart. AreYouDeaf has proven himself sonically with his beats. Most notably producing for Lerado. Yet he does not halt at production. In recent months he’s shown an affinity for photography. More than just taking pictures but capturing breathtaking images.

Excelling in such a short time period. He has put out both portrait and candid style photos of his peers. As well as the world itself around him. Doing so in a way that a professional photographer would dream for. He knows what he’s doing when the camera is in his hands. Perfecting where the focus is set and how to make the most out of every image.


The lighting and purity of his photos are jaw dropping. Such natural environments from his perspective, emphasizing the beauty of the simplicity in each photo. His style is distinct. There is an essence of vintage in every flick. Yet what is being shot is always our modern surroundings. This effect serves as a wrinkle in time, making it hard to decipher between old and new. Putting the viewer somewhere right in the middle of it all. It’s magnificent.

There is no question that Deaf has a gift for the art. With such a short amount of time and such significant progress. He was meant to be behind the lens. His eye for imagery is as in tune as his ear for sounds.





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