The golden child of rap. There is not an artist like Duwap Kaine. At only the age of seventeen, he has a discography that people who have been at this for years strive for. Showing his raw talent from such an early age he is on his way to a lasting career in this. Each project there has been visible progression. Always staying true to his auto-tuned sound that could be mistaken for nobody else.

Underdog is last years project that he had to offer. This is arguably his best work yet. Ever since it’s release last fourth of July, I keep finding myself coming back to it. He sounds focused, everything blends beautifully. Nine9 is responsible for the production of the entire project. It’s obvious that they were both in tune with each other. You can play from “Tweak” to “Number Nine” straight through. It’s fluent. It’s fresh. As a whole showing the attention to detail of Duwap’s vocals. He is completely aware of how to control them, perfecting the sound entirely.

13 tracks that will have you in your zone. Spacing out to the mix of auto-tuned excellence and surreal production. Melodies that will have you enthralled as 808s subtly blow your ears out. Everything to this point has only been a glimpse of his ability. The best is yet to come. I can’t stress this enough, nobody is making music like Duwap. They may try but they don’t even scratch the surface.


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