mixed matches – i dont know where you are

mixed matches brings us his all with this new EP entitled i don’t know where you are. This EP features a variety of different collabs with producers along with beats from mixed matches himself. Smitty The BG, Ginseng, Kellbender, and HELLION all help on the production side of this project and man, did they blow my expectations out of the water. Now, let’s dive into this EP head on and see what it’s about.

From start to finish this project leaving you with a reminder of kind of music mixed matches make. The angelic sounds on this project from the very first melody in “hours”, to even the last song “reality”, leave you baffled. There was no preparing in my mind for this EP outside of the lead single “repeat”. That track is an extremely small taste for what was to come from this. The melodies and drums in this project give off a very floaty vibe. The only thing I could think of when I first listened to this project was a phrase from the game Undertale. The phrase does a small saying, then ends with “it fills you with determination”. That’s the feeling my mind captured while I was listening to this project. Nothing but determination knowing there is something you can overcome and keep going to make yourself greater.

My favorite song from this project 100% had to be opener “hours”. This song was filled to the brim with some really exciting melodies and drums. It starts off with a simple melody that then leads into this pulsating like effect that giving your ears a tingling feeling. From there mixed matches comes in and gives us a small taste of that angelic voice. About 10 seconds later, the drums come and give the song a finished look to it. At least that’s what mixed matches wants you to think. Around the halfway mark of the song, it completely shifts tides and going in an entirely different direction. The drums switch up first. To have more airy feel to them with lots of emphasis on the hi-hats.  Then the melody switches to this beautiful yet dark, ambient noise that is just something you have to listen to. It’s hard to describe but this song is nothing short of a masterpiece.

mixed matches has proven himself time and time again how much of an excellent musician he is. He truly knows how to bring an atmosphere to a room unlike anyone else. This is one of the best projects I’ve listened to this year and I’m sure he will only keep growing as an artist and surpass even this. 100% without a doubt recommend you listen to this new EP. Check it out down below and tell us what you think of it.

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