If I’m scrolling through Soundcloud and see anything produced by TayMasterChef, I’m listening instantly. The Florida based producer has cemented his name as one of the most reliable. 99.9% of the time his beats are going to deliver. Working with artists ranging from Wiz Khalifa to Lil Xelly. Staying true to the underground and putting new artists on, while also having established clientele. He balances the best of both worlds.

His sound varies and is always evolving. Staying versatile, he has produced for multiple pockets of Hip-Hop itself. Providing sounds that speak directly to the streets, as well as the casual fan. Behind the production of perhaps Famous Dex’s best song to date, “Lucky”. Glokknine, Joey Fatts, Maxo Kream, Lucki, Xavier Wulf, the list goes on of artists he’s produced for. Whenever he’s featured on a project, whatever tracks he’s responsible for tend to be the ones that keep getting ran back.

Not only is Tay a super producer but also a music businessman. He has great knowledge of the industry and the behind the scenes aspects that are so crucial to the music itself. Currently an A&R for the powerhouse label 300 Entertainment and managing rising artist Hish. He has been a problem! It’s clear that he is a staple in the game.




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