Beyond The Brand: Activity Clothing

Living an active lifestyle is something most people are familiar with. Not so much as in being physically fit but actively moving. The best are always going to be the ones on the move the most, taking advantage of any beneficial activities. That goes for an industry, any type of hustle. Activity is a brand for those who are always active.


Tommy Activity kicked the brand off around the middle of 2016. It’s taken off ever since. Known for the signature spin-off of the Playboy bunny in skull form, many of the artists on the rise at the time jumped on board seemingly right away. Among the first being Warhol, Famous Dex, and Ski Mask The Slump God, who at the time were skyrocketing themselves. Taking it to the next level Activity began to collaborate on collections with artists. Tapping directly into the up and coming scene at the time.

Activity and Rap went together like a couple packs of woods and a zip. The first collaboration being with Warhol. Branching out to collections with BigBabyGucci, Yung Bans, BoofBoiIcy, and BandManFari. If your favorite artist wasn’t listed, I can almost guarantee they still are rocking some Activity. Not only collaborating for clothing but also putting on shows to bring artists together.


The clothing alone has gone above and beyond to this point. Moving up from single shirt drops to complete collections, filled with insanely unique pieces. Tactical vests, water guns, bandanas, belts, custom air forces, and even remote control cars are among these items. Designs are profound with each and every drop. Nothing is ever subpar, only superb. Clothing made to get active in.





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