Producer Appreciation: RonRon The Producer

Making it out of Watts, California is a difficult task. There aren’t many positive options for the folks in the community to benefit off of. Music has become an outlet for a number of people to escape their situation. After RonRon was fired from his job at a dump, he took matters into his own hands and paved the way for himself through producing.

Since then he has become the face of the new Los Angeles sound. Of course credit must be given to The Hit Mob as well. Yet RonRon has set the landscape for artists who have Los Angeles on their back right now. Shoreline Mafia, 03 Greedo, Drakeo The Ruler, and the rest of the Stinc Team, to name a few. These are the faces of traffic music and RonRon is responsible for that distinct sound.

The sound that heightens our anxiety and keeps our nerves livid. There isn’t anything else like it. Nervous music that feeds into the paranoia that comes with the streets. You can’t describe his production as anything else but anxious. It keeps the listeners heart rate in consistent stride and embodies the lyrics of the go-getters who he works with. Considering that 03 Greedo, Drakeo, and the Stinc Team are incarcerated currently, that hasn’t slowed the movement down any. Free them too since we’re on that topic.

RonRon makes music for busting plays and that will go up in the club. It’s a versatile sound that is unmatched. The groundbreaking production has been the fuel to the fire of these up and coming artists. Many are attempting to bite the sound, which is obviously only done right by the creator himself and those in his corner. He has all of the leverage and continues to make an impact with his creativity.



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