The Overlooked: Lerado – Shark Fin Soup

Last summer St. Paul’s Lerado solidified himself as a powerful figure in the atmosphere of rising artists. Shark Fin Soup is an eight track project that defines him. The longest running body of work he has dropped is everything that we can ask for. Showing his versatility and unique flows, from energetic to somber.

Deaf, Moistbread, Nolanberollin, Sadbalmain, Gunlock and Bobby Johnson provide the sounds for the eight tracks. They elevate the overall quality, each producer standing as a pivotal piece to the underground. There couldn’t have been a better combination to take control of the soundscape. Each beat seems to be specialized for Lerado’s vocals.

Lerado has a voice that puts mildly happy into complete perspective. He never sounds ecstatic but never sounds depressed. Even with the happiest lyrics or the most upsetting ones, he still keeps his distinct tone. Calm, cool, collected. Not sad but not thrilled, mildly happy.

The way he does this makes him a serious problem. That is if you’re looking to be in competition with him. No matter what the beat sounds like, he’s going to body it. His vocal control is on a whole other level. This was something he had a known capability for prior to the release. It is entirely polished on the project, anybody with a tuned ear can tell that perfection was what he was striving for.

Each word is audible. No mumble. Clear and concise bars. All-around a pristine effort. Listening to Shark Fin Soup now emphasizes all of this ten fold. It also gets you itching for new music from the Minnesotan phenom. Knowing that it was just a glimpse of how he’s coming when it gets down to project time is beyond promising. One can only imagine what a full-length album has to offer.

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