An Interview With Dallas’ Self-Made Artist Pat Ron


Being able to independently make money within the industry gives the artist the upper hand in almost any situation. Pat Ron has been doing everything himself and it’s been working significantly. His late 2017 project, This Time Last Year, is still rolling steady. Physical copies are still being sent out to this day. He’s sold nearly a thousand all over the world.

“I’ve got all the receipts just so when the day comes to walk in a label, I can pull them out on them. It’s not that I’ll ever need them, I’ve been doing fine on my own.” He tells me. He is also actively doing shows, a couple shows a week even some times. He is the definition of a self-made artist. Taking advantage of all of the profitable avenues that his music has put him into position for.

The Dallas artist recently released “UpInnisHoe”, his first track of 2019 produced by TokinPotent. He’s got music piling up that he’s currently working on. Everything is flourishing for him. Coming a long way from “Backpack Boy”, the first record that got me hip to him. He’s been a fully established independent artist with nowhere than up to go from here.


We spoke about his life growing up, Lil Wayne and Curren$y, and about his music below:

Where are you from?

I was born in New Orleans, but i moved to Dallas when i was 10 cause Hurricane Katrina.

What was that transition like for you?

Shit was rough for a solid six weeks but them FEMA checks got it jumping

How was life in Dallas after everything settled down?

Life in Dallas been thriving ever since. So much opportunity out here, so many musicians, artists, singers, videographers, promoters, etc. etc. in Texas. New Orleans is known for its music history, traditional jazz and dance music scenes but resources are much more limited in Louisiana. Niggas still paying 15 to 20 a gram in 2019 in most parts of Louisiana.

It sounds like it worked out for the best. You have way more resources. You’re getting played on the west coast if you’re paying anything more than 10, that’s disrespectful. When did you start to get into music?

I’ve been making music and performing for my family since five years old. No cap.

When did you begin taking it seriously?

Probably my 8th grade year of middle school. I realized I was that nigga. I wasn’t really showing or rapping for anyone except my friends til’ like junior year though.

Do you remember your first time recording?

I actually do. In middle school me and my homies would all record to instrumentals on this old mp3 player I still have to this date. My first time seriously recording with a mic was 9th grade i believe. I was with a bunch of bloods in Irving after school. All them niggas used to rap and have a rap group called Trilla, I kind of used to look up to most of them. So that’s how I developed one of my earliest styles. For lyricism I used to study all Lil Wayne shit and try to remix the same songs he remixed.

What other artists did you study or were influenced by?

I grew up down the street from Curren$y & Squad Up in East New Orleans so him and Wayne was always my childhood heroes. As i got to high school Kid Cudi and Wiz Khalifa was TAKING OFF! My homies put me on Cudi and Wiz cause all i was listening to was Wayne. Then my sophomore year, 2010, KANYE DROPPED DARK FANTASY! I was on 808s & Heartbreaks heavy in middle school though, Kanye always been up there for me. Music was crazy when i was in high school. Everybody that was poppin’ in that era was organically poppin’. I think acid rap dropped my Junior or Senior year. I was on Migos before “Versace” was a hit cause my nigga PaintItBlues. I was on Tame Impala like five years ago nobody knew who they were.

You’re right everything really was organic back then, there’s still the organic shit out there though. If you know you know. What are your favorite Curren$y and Wayne projects?

Curren$y; Drive In Theatre, The Owners Manual, Carrollton Heist, The Stoned Immaculate, Weekend At Burnies, Covert Coup. That’s just the half of em’ he got so many fucking tapes, Saturday Night Car Tunes.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad one either, Curren$y makes nothing less than quality. Everything is going to be smooth regardless.

Wayne; Sorry For The Wait, No Ceilings, Carter 4, Dedication 3, IANAHB2, Carter 2. In that order. Well it fluctuates actually.

No ceilings was a life changer.

On God. That nigga was really on something, nobody in rap ever had a run like that, shit in music. He was on EVERY song on the radio for like a few years.

No BS he was everywhere!

2 Chainz went on a similar run but just features.

Future too, don’t know if that was to the extent of Wayne though. He had a flawless run of projects though.

EXACTLY. Nigga went on a project run. 2 Chainz went on a feature run. Wayne had a combination of the two, but mostly a remix run if we being honest.

That’s facts. How would you describe your own style?

Fluid. I can make any style of rap. Currently working on a tape called Trap Ron.

When are you planning on dropping that?

It’s undetermined still cause I’m working on like three secret collab EP’s with other artists in Dallas.

Can you give any more details on those at the moment?

I think I might have to starve you on that answer. For sure going for a surprise drop.
All Dallas’ artists.

Understandable, the element of surprise can be crucial. What is your favorite out of all the work you’ve done?

My favorite song of mine just might be “Pack”. It’s the perfect blend of smoke music, shit to get the crowd lit, and lyricism.

That’s one of my favorites too, where’s the best place you’ve performed?

PlayStation Theatre in Times Square with Joey Badass and ASAP Rocky or House of Vans at Mohawk in Austin with Smoke Purpp and Denzel Curry.

What are your goals for the rest of the year?

Drop all these tapes. Continue to be self-made but hopefully boss up into a good partnership. Go on a tour or at least land dates on most the big tours coming to Texas. Get another weed brand or dispensary sponsorship.

Is there anyone else you’d like to show some love to?
Shout out to my nigga Roman from The Daily Ooze. He been solid in my corner a few years now and we influenced and started so many waves together in Dallas so shout out to my brother. He help me make this shit look easy. Artist wise, shout out my other half Ea$e, Braindead, Mikul, Gwap Gang and The 6th Grade. All the underdogs in Dallas niggas better watch out for. Oh yeah and shout out to Tay Money. We been rocking with her long before she blew up and when she took off she kept it solid. Mad love for her. Always. Free my lil’ brother Tay K. Free Pimp. TheDailyOoze was Tay K first interview EVER on Earth.



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