An Interview With Dallas Artist And On Go Academy Affiliate, 98 Chamberlain


His foot is cemented on necks at the moment. On Go Academy member and Dallas native 98 Chamberlain is someone who you need to keep an eye out for. An astute lyricist and championed freestyler. Using an affirmative tone every time he’s on the mic, he gets his point across. Turning mostly to his right hand producer Condo, another OGA affiliate. A tactic that has been working for him well. Condo knows exactly how to tailor to his strong points. 

This has done a substantial amount in creating his distinct sound. Easily distinguishable among others. His focus on song structure is visible. Catchy hooks and well known references enthrall listeners. Capable to switch up flows and experiment with ease. This is just what we’ve seen so far from the Dallas artist. It’s still early in his run but what the next few months hold will establish him entirely. The best is on the horizon. 

We spoke about his process, inspiration, and upcoming work below:


What does the OGA mean to you?

On Go Academy , that’s my brothers for life, Stunna and Condo who really got me on my music shit heavy. We linked like two to three years back on some non-music related shit and since then it’s been history   .

Did you immediately start making music after linking up with them? 

I was making music before I met ‘em but I really ain’t know shit I was recording on audacity. We found out we all could rap on some hotbox shit, we had hella hotbox freestyles.

What was the first thing you ever seriously recorded?

“30k Freestyle” shout out Dirk Nowitzki! It was me, Stunna, and E James, we was all packed like sardines at DJ Chili crib because we couldn’t record in the dorm halls.

Always play to win like your name Dirk! lol do you prefer to freestyle or write? 

Facts! What’s crazy is most of the music I got out right now is written but for the last three months I just been freestyling when I record. Just off strength of me going to studios more and only having so much time to get shit done, but I fuck with it because sometimes writing takes too long and I tend second guess what I say.  When I’m freestyling it feels  more genuine and I appreciate the songs more cause I’m damn near shocked at what I come up with sometimes. Ima drop a lil’ freestyle tape before Sleeper Pick, just off strength of how much music I been recording lately.

Just going off the first words you’re feeling sometimes is the best thing to do. What are some of your favorite bars written and freestyles? 

When I’m freestyling I got a bad habit of using the hank hill propane reference that shit kills me every time I do it. One of my fav’ bars off sleeper pick is “3 grams I roll that in a rush / either woods in my hand or double Dutch / used to spray the cologne trying to cover up / now u smell me when I’m in the cut / we was posted like Dae-Dae and Craig but I ain’t worry about the first of the month.” 

Nice Friday reference there, what are some of your favorite movies that translate to your music?

Honestly I never really thought about movies relating to my life I feel like they don’t really make movies about niggas going through regular shit. I hate to be that nigga but when I watch Paid In Full I see myself a lil’ like Ace cause bro was a low-key dude playing it by the book but his environment being trash as hell and seeing what he could have made him get that bag by any means that shit kinda hit home.

Where else do you find inspiration? 

Plenty of places it’s so many people out here shaking out of the cycle and doing what they love to do. Definitely from my pops & moms they both came from situations where they ain’t have much and had to really get to it just to beat the odds,  also my niggas inspire me to go harder because I see how much talent they got and all the shit we been through together it’s hard not to take that in as motivation.

What are you currently working on? 

I got Sleeper Pick already done just making sure the mixing and mastering is on point. Then I’m dropping a lil’ mini tape Friday called Wok’s World it’s a few freestyles I got in the stash. Also me and my team planning on dropping the OGA Tape before summer hit so it’s a lot of shit we ‘bout to unload.

You got a lot about to roll out. Where do you see yourself by the end of the year? 

Fasho and honestly I’m taking it day by day. By the end of the year I’m definitely trying to be touring and being able do this music shit full time.  I also want to be in a position to work with different videographers and be able to put all my music ideas into play without worrying about how it’s gone get done.



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