Producer Appreciation: LordFubu

Elevating as a producer calls for consistency as well as identity. LordFubu accounts for both of these qualities. The Florida based maestro has been on a constant incline since he arrived on the scene. Starting back in 2012, his beat tapes have been essential to artists and other producers. His kits have assisted numbers of aspiring producers. His sound is vastly unique, implementing classic R&B while taking the listener to outer space. There isn’t anything really like it.

Each beat is mesmerizing, melodies that reel in any listener. Hard bass complimenting the melodic approaches. Loops that put you in a trance, precise instrumentation, the whole nine yards. He has a way of making sounds that sound playful yet are dead serious. This is quite the contradiction, the contradictions highlight the beauty in his work. Some of the earliest implications of his unmistakable production seen with the bizarre and distinguished Divine Council. A perfect fit for a producer who is pushing boundaries themself. Clicking primarily with Silk Money, one of their most notable tracks being “Dick In Da Dope”.

Since those days he’s become a verified staple in the underground. At this point he’s sitting in a position that many strive for. A member of the Marino Infantry and A$AP Ant’s right hand producer. His beat tapes continue to get better and better. Coming around every few months like clock work. He is a visible inspiration for aspiring producers alike and pushes those on his level to go harder. His 10k Tape recently released and his ninth drum kit has been selling out every time he’s restocked. A viable, determined, independent producer without a doubt. 




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    Steven Tucker

    I Look Up To Lordfubu His Beat Tapes Inspired Me To Make Beats I Rap Also But Hearing Fubu Drifted To Beat Making Hes A Dope Producer And One Day Id Like To Meet Him And Watch His Work Process..

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