Exactly a year ago, I came across Lil Cobaine via the now-deleted “U” track and his 2018 sleeper hit “Forza Speed,” and since then, I’ve been waiting at bay for what has seemed like an eternity for a fully-fleshed out tape from the future billboard charter. And today, he finally answers mine and thousands of other peoples wishes, delivering a ravishing 7 track, 15 minute EP “Hollywood Love Life.” Right off the bat, the first 3 tracks feature production from his musical duo Italian Leather, and not to my surprise, their easily the top 3 tracks that the two have come out with. The self-titled entry that begins the euphoric 15 minute experience is nothing short of beautiful, with the beat sounding like I’m watching the opening credits to a Taraintino film; while Cobaine flows blissfully over the alluring instrumental, setting up the next track “Prime Time Love.” This track, and the rest of the tape is on a whole nother level compared to Cobaine’s previous works; with Cobaine seemingly fully mastering his sound, delivering entrancing vocals and finding the perfect list of producers (Kellan, Di$ney, Oasik, Goldenboy, Rouge.black and Italian leather) to help him progress and reach closer to his full potential. From the insanely irresistible, catchy hooks as seen on tracks like: “Prime Time Love” and “One Night” to the more soft, mellow side of Cobaine that’s beautifully captured on “Redlight District” and “Fall Out Boy,” Hollywood Love Life is the introduction into what looks like a bright career for Cobaine. Now all he needs is the right people to believe in him and his sound; and well, from there, the rest will be history. Give it a listen below:


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