Tommy Ice – Hard Enough

Tommy Ice has been bringing us nonstop heaters all year and he doesn’t look to stop anytime soon. Today he surprised us with yet another NEILAWORLD produced song entitled Hard Enough. The new song features production from some of Neila’s most notorious members Callari and Lukrative.

Right from the beginning we are greeted to a super soothing piano melody and Tommy jumping straight in with the vocals as well. The piano has almost a mainstream rap quality to it. That mixed with Tommy’s vocals act as a nice middle ground for underground/mainstream enjoyment of the song. Soon after, we get some really nice drums in this beat. Everything stacking on to each other only adds to the atmosphere that the song is creating. Tommy speaks on several different topics, from not being able to get girls cause he didn’t have a car, to attracting the same girls now because he has money, and him buying his mom a new car and home. It shows he isn’t it just doing it for the money but to help others (like his mom) as well. Something else I also enjoyed about this song is that it had the deeper lyrics that I talked about earlier, but also due to the beat it had the ability to put you in a nice mindless state where you can just listen and feel the music. The piano instrumental has a touch of melancholy to it and adds so much more than explainable.

The track is a great listen and only adds to Tommy’s ever growing discography of replayability. From start to finish I was amazed how he was able to convey his emotions so effortlessly. Check out the song down below and tell us what you think of it.

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