YNB201 shares his first single from his upcoming collaborative album with yeoj entitled SERENADE. From his glorious singing to his killer flow, this is a song you need to hear.

The song starts out with a very catchy guitar melody. It’s not a normal guitar melody you would hear on an emo-rap song. This melody is still filled with emotion but it has a lighter happier tone to it. Right after the guitar comes in he surprises with a nice melodious “yea yea yea” which while me writing it sounds lame, it sound so good on the song. The drums come and YNB starts going at the beat, killing it from start to finish. yeoj has been a different creature with every beat he has been making recently. Everything he is doing is extremely memorable and has crazy replay value. Hopefully we will see a yeojworld 4 in the future.

I’ve been becoming a bigger fan of YNB with every release. His talent shines through more and more with each song releases. The start potential on this guy is absolutely insane. Would definitely recommend checking out this song since it finally released with the endless amount of build up he did with his Triller video. Check out the song down below and tell us what you think.


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