BasedTJ Finally Gifts Us “A Based EP”

Dallas is still crawling with talented artists on the cusp of something greater than those before them. One of the city’s most prized producers turned multi-talent artist BasedTJ is on a war path, showcasing his unparalleled abilities with every new release. His newest statement, a bold EP titled A Based EP, has out done anything you my have heard from him so far. TJ’s journey through six carefully planned out tracks is a progressive one, beginning with Without U, featuring long time collaborator Paycheck, and building up momentum for Fake It, riddled with spastic 808s, a nostalgic melody reminiscent of an old Ruff Ryder anthem, and confident lines aimed at his most loyal haters.

The tape ventures on for two more worthwhile songs, ending with the previously released track Lately, a beautiful ballad that is the perfect finale for this classic project. TJ definitely won’t stop here, so make sure you keep an eye out for his next move and check out A Based EP for yourself below.

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