Sounds fit for the Dons. Lingo that depicts the streets. The ups and downs, trials and tribulations. Five straight tracks that molded for those committed and those who made it out. Along with Hip-Hop lovers alike. Boston’s premier producer Vinyl Villain is completely in tune with viable emcee Eto for New Crack Era.

Taking listeners on a sonic journey in cinematic fashion. Lyrical context that paints images as the production emphasizes each word. Menacing beats to jazz centered compositions. From the depths of the alley to an expensive dinner with important faces in Sicily. Vinyl Villain creates nothing but vivid soundscapes, he can capture any aesthetic for any artist. A true maestro on the boards.

Eto speaks with clarity and specificity. Detailing his points with sharpness, his perspective is from above but as he’s still tied up. He’s been through it, the tales he tells are wise. The relatability in his words broadly hits the audience. Application of his encounters from the pen to the paper give a clear picture of the emcee’s insights. He’s seen and heard enough to express himself potently through his work. This is the New Crack Era.


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