Sampling is an essential part of producing, those who can flip samples are just as important as those creating beats from scratch. In all reality when the right person is looping and reengineering these samples they tend to make better beats. Playing the keys is one thing, but reconstructing sounds to be completely ones own is impressive to say the least. New Jersey producer Roper Williams is an astute producer in this realm.

Taking jazz and soul filled samples and looping them to perfection. He takes the lo-fi feeling to new heights. Crafting some of the most soothing and soulful records that these times have to offer. His style is particular, he sticks with soundscapes that uplift and relax the audience. Nothing that will overwhelm ears, everything is enlightening. From his brilliant remixes, beat tapes, and producing for some of the best emerging artists, he has validated his high caliber production status.

Starting in 2016 he began producing for Y.L, a remarkable emcee from New York City. He’s been his right hand producer ever since, essentially creating the aesthetic of his sound. Astounding artists have turned to him for production up to this point. Names like Maxo, Wiardon, The Underachievers, Pink Siifu all come to mind. His work has only just begun, so far he’s proven to be adept beyond his years.




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