belis continues her hot streak with a new Charlie Shuffler & Chris Surreal produced track entitled “LEMONADE“. I was super excited to finally see this track come out after the snippet took off on Twitter. All I gotta say for now is that this track is a must listen.

Right from the beginning, we greeted with a nice ambient melody which is followed by belis’ hypnotic voice and some killer 808s. I’m not sure what it is about her voice that is so captivating but I think it has to do with her highs and lows. The highs have a little roughness to them that add a lot of character to her voice. Along with that, the lows are where she goes in. She switches up her flow just a little bit and makes such a big difference in the song. A good example of this happening is right on the 1:28 mark. This is super comparable to the “Bitch I’m not your fuckin friend” in “Hysterical Glamour”. Another part of the song that really caught me in a loop was the beat. From that ambient melody and the 808s, I was talking about earlier, Charlie Shuffler and Chris Surreal really killed this one. Everything on the beat flowed together perfectly. The drums being quieter in the song was a good idea from them, as it really lets the 808s shine. The melody has a very nice floaty feeling to it as well. Overall this song is killer in every aspect.

When belis says “you know that shit is rare!” she is absolutely right. There are very few rappers that are as captivating as her right now. I think I’ve listened to this song maybe like 15 times since it came out yesterday. She is really doing something different with her sound and she is showing major potential to blow up. 100% recommend listening to this song. Check it out down below and tell us what you think of it.

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