An Interview With New Jersey’s Elektra, An Incredibly Gifted And Humble Artist



Song is a substantial form of expression. The act of singing itself is therapeutic. Genuine lyrical context sung by angelic vocals takes that therapy to a new height. That’s what Elektra provides through her music. A beautiful voice telling her story through song. An original style filled with soul. A sound that is all her own, unmistakably Elektra. The music speaks for itself. The person behind it is as genuine as the music she makes.

Compassionate towards all people. A loving individual to all who cross paths with her. She is highly aware of her surroundings and the energy around her. Reading people like a book and trusting in her intuition. Which is spot on more often than not. She hopes for her music to heal others, using her experiences to let those alike know everything will be okay.

Lost prior to when she started making music, she found out exactly who she was quickly. Learning who her true friends, how they switch up when you follow your dreams. Jealousy takes people under and blinds them. That never phased her, she knows who she is. A naturally gifted vocalist with a huge heart. Comfortable as ever in her own skin, highly confident in her talent. She has every right to be. Humble and appreciative of recognition when she has done everything to earn it.

We spoke about who she is, where she’s head, and about her music below:

What was your life like growing up?

So I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and I moved when I was 11 years old to New Jersey. Growing up in Georgia was nice I lived in a huge house with my mom and my dogs. My mom asked me one day if I wanted to move to New Jersey and I said yes. My mom wanted me to be exposed to more cultures and be around my family more so we moved. I spent my middle school and high school years growing up very lost. I didn’t really know who I was until I graduated high school and I went on a quest to figure out who Elektra really was.

Who is Elektra? 

Elektra is love, healing, and I’m very powerful. I believe I was put in the world to heal people with my voice and I’m an extremely loving person, I share it with everyone. The point of being on Earth is to love on another and make human connections. I’m powerful in the sense that I feel as though my presence never goes unnoticed and whoever I meet or have relationships with whether it be friends or lovers my positive energy is needed in their lives. I’m always trying to help people with anything and everything if I can make a change then I’m right there by your side.

You do have an incredible voice and are very aware of your purpose. When did music start to become a part of your life? 

Thank you so much! When I was younger I would always sing at home when I was sad it helped me get past tough times. In August 2016 I wrote a song and it was the first song I ever made that I felt comfortable enough for everyone to hear. After that song was created I decided to write an EP called 12:34. After 12:34 was created and put out it was all up hill from there.

Your music is very expressive. What do you think the main differences are between 12:34 and your second EP I broke My Own Heart?

12:34 is part 1 and I Broke My Own Heart is part 2 of a story I’m done telling. 12:34 was for me for years I had so many emotions inside of me but I had no way to release them. I left my feelings from when I was a child there as well and I Broke My Own Heart was for the people. Actual songs that people can catch a vibe too and sing along too. I broke my own heart shows how much I progressed within 10 months. A huge part of my progress was that I started to work with Corey A.K.A Cor Blanco.

The natural talent has always been there, he definitely helped develop a distinct sound for you. How did you get linked up with Cor?

My friend invited me to her friendsgiving in November of 2017 and she introduced us. She was telling him how I sing and she was like you guys should work together. We all started hanging out a lot more once the new year rolled around. Some time in March or so I called him and I asked him if he would want to produce the beats for my EP and he said yes! I was so nervous calling him too because I thought he would say no. I’m really glad everything worked out because that is how i broke my own heart was made.

Been making hits ever since too! How would you describe your sound?

I’d describe my sound as soulful but I’m definitely a versatile artist. I know that my voice can mesh well with many different types of beats that are thrown my way.

Do you think any artists you grew up listening to influenced that? If so, who? 

To be honest with you no, not really. I just sing how I feel and from the heart. It just comes out of no where.

What inspires you the most? 

People really inspire me. People make me feel a way and that inspires me to write all my songs. Human beings are so interesting and complicated. There’s so much we can learn from one another and I just love to take in as much as I can from strangers and the people that are closest to me. 

That’s what makes the music so genuine, you have an understanding perspective. What are some of your favorite lyrics you’ve written so far? 

“Green Tea” from beginning to end are my favorite lyrics I’ve written so far. There are so many ways that you can interpret the song and on top of that those lyrics are very dear to my heart. I think I did an amazing job with this song. It’s the first song of mine that I can’t stop listening to.

Absolutely you did, it’s a great record. What else are you currently working on? 

Thank you! I’m currently working on my first album, I’ve been creating a lot more lately.  I’m not sure when I’m going to put this album out but I’m not rushing this process I want everything to be perfect.

Where do you see yourself by the end of this year? 

I think that I’ll be in the place I’ve dreamt about all my life. Everyone is going to know who I am and respect my gift. To be really honest I think it’s going to happen within the next few months. As long as I keep working hard and putting out amazing work my name we’ll be seen and I will be heard. 

I believe you’ll be exactly where you want to be, people are about to start catching on, for real. Is there anything else you’d like to say to the readers? 

I do too, thank you for that and the only thing I have to say is keep up with me!!! There’s so much more coming and you do not want to miss this it’s going to be beautiful.



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