AnkleJohn & Vinyl Villain – A Cold World

After four months of laying low DC’s prime emcee is back with a vengeance. AnkhleJohn gets in tune with the Martin Scorsese of Hip-Hop Vinyl Villain for eleven captivating tracks. No features, straight bars. Beats suitable for ominous late night lurking. Pound for pound this is pure Hip-Hop. They don’t make them like this anymore, unless you know where to look for it. AnkleJohn and Vinyl Villain are IT.

The Lordy enforces his raspy flow and exclamatory ad-libs throughout. Dududududu! His unique voice and exquisite wordplay are in their own spectrum. Vinyl Villain put on an Oscar worthy score for the project. He is in the top-tier of producers who go beyond simply making beats. He’s putting together entire movies, a soundtrack fit directly for the Shaap Records artist to excel on.

Try to take the project in fully because the fire has been ignited. AnkhleJohn fans have little time to breathe. He’s dropping an EP with Mutant Academy’s celebrated producer Gray Matter next week.

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