Big muscle stud DR DRIPP gives another infectious banger with MONEYGETTER. The track is produced by kudzu and is sure to get you up and moving. Starting off with what sounds like a laugh from the ghosts in Super Mario Brothers, the song already gives a eery feeling. Not long after we get the infamous “keep flexin those muscles!’ tag, along with the signature heavy 808 filled sound we know BigMuscleGang so well for, we hear he atmosphere DR DRIIP and the rest of the crew make with their songs, fit for the perfect concert-going experience. You get to wild out with just tons and tons of raw energy. DR DRIIP’s flow in this song is impeccable and comparable with his *$TUNT FREESTYLE* flow. The flows are rapid and get you up and going, kind of like at a concert (Get it? weird how I mentioned that earlier.) .

I don’t know what it is about DR DRIIP that gets to me but he is so underappreciated. This man makes extremely hype music (The thing that really got me into the underground) along with also making so many artists that are smaller than him can get a chance at stardom too. This song is just a great example of DR DRIIP getting you hyped and making you want to listen to more of his music. Check out the song down below and tell us what you think of it.



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