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The Eastside of Cleveland is where Freshie resides. This is where he grew up. This is where he has put in the work and remained dedicated to his music.  This is his home. Recording all eight tracks for his official debut, Sooner Than Later right there. Up to this point compilation mixtapes were the only full bodies of work available. He stayed patient and let the strength of his music build up his audience. The time was finally right to unleash a legitimate project, it is everything that it is supposed to be.

A solidification of his talents. Commitment to his quickly growing fan base. Determination to keep making the best possible product he can offer. As well as a step in a more structured direction from his management to viable distribution of the project. Everything is polished, but he still keeps it dirty!

With production from Springs, Sabit, Stef Wave, Maison, Icy Black, and Chatz, the project is full of versatility. Sounds that will keep listeners enthralled the entire duration. Freshie raps his ass off each track, but that is nothing new. He’s always excelled in that aspect. Now people are finally catching on, his presence can not be ignored!

We spoke below about the project, touring with Rage Club, and what the future holds:


You’ve been working hard for a minute, how does it feel to finally get your debut album “Sooner Than Later” out? 

It feels good honestly. Just happy and proud at the same time. I’m able to do it independently and my fans / supporters love the album so I’m satisfied. 

Absolutely. How was this project different from ones you’ve put out in the past? 

This was actually my first real project with management and distribution behind me, first all in studio mixed and mastered project. So just more official for real. My last DirtyBoyFresh Project series was just compilations of leaked SoundCloud songs. 

You went into it with more structure. What are your personal favorite tracks out of the eight on there? 

I like “Rambo” & “Real Is Real” the most. “One Of A Kind” is fire too. “Bad Dreams” when I’m driving. 

You can easily run it from start to finish in the whip! What do you have coming up now that the album is out? 

Just keep staying consist. More visuals, of course. More Shows and hopefully touring soon.

Your last tour was with the good people at Rage Club, how was that experience for you? 

Shout out Topgun & One Up Skateshop for putting that together. Topgun went to four different cities to premiere his Rage Club skate team video, and just had me come as the performing act. That shit was lit as fuck for real. I got to see some fans and shit. We turnt every show up the whole tour and that’s how I met Young Jasper too. 

It looked like every show went crazy. What cities would you like to hit if you go on tour soon? Do you have any work in the tuck with Young Jasper? 

Shit the goal is to go to every city honestly. The big cities. Yeah, Jasper that’s my boy, of course. 

Who are some other artists you’ve been working with, producers too? 

I really can’t say who, just gotta wait and find out. It’s a lot, for real. Producer wise me and 16yrold been cooking.  That’s all I can say for now. 

What’s your favorite visual you’ve shot so far in 2019? 

I think lemonade was my favorite this year. Mainly cause it’s just my real life when I’m performing and traveling. Plus it’s not in a traditional camera type quality. It’s got that skate-punk, underground vibe. On some dirty shit. It’s like my “Jesus Piece” video and that one still popular to this day.

That’s a perfect comparison, both those videos have a similar aesthetic. You opened up for Young Thug earlier this month too, what was that like?  

It’s probably one of the best shows I’ve done so far. My first stadium performance and I killed it. 

Looked packed out! Where do you see yourself in the next few months? 

I don’t know. I can’t see the future but I do know everything that’s been happening is going to only keep happening and getting better each time. This what I prayed for honestly. 

The only way is up. Are there any last shout outs you want to throw?

Shout out the fans. Shout out my team and shout out my family. Everything dirty!




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