Lil Turbo – Turbo Tax 2

After a long wait and many snippets, Lil Turbo graces us with a sequel to his beloved tape Turbo Tax, with Turbo Tax 2: Killswitch Returns. The tape features a multitude of different producers from the likes of FadedBlackid, HollowTreesapDarius JamalChris SurrealJake SandFalsecutXz!, and one of the Based God’s finest Keyboard Kid. This project is stacked from start to finish with catchy and amazing songs. So let’s start on this journey which is Turbo Tax 2.

Turbo Tax started out with Killswitch 2, produced by Hollow it was bound to be an attention grabber regardless of where it was on the tape. However knowing Lil Turbo, he wanted people to get the idea of what the tape was going to be like right from the start. It starts with a mysterious and hazy melody, followed by that everloved “Neilaworld” tag. the melody goes into the background of this song while the drums come in just a bit higher making it easier for the listener to capture the spirit of the song. The closed hi-hats along with the clap only add to the mystery I talked about earlier. The 808’s come in shortly, complicating the clap on this track. Everything on this track from the melody to all of the drums just works with each other so well. Very good job for Hollow on that. Now let’s shift gear and talk about Turbo’s vocals on this.

I’m the trending topic // I know that they watchin / I’m a popstar // yea yea yea I’m poppin

If that doesn’t say Lil Turbo to you I don’t know what will. His charisma on is undeniable when it comes to nasty beats like this. Turbo has been only growing more and more in popularity and his popstar personification really comes to life now. From Turbo Bieber to this, it’s easy to why as well. He has been putting major work into his songs and he kills every single one of them. This track is no exception either. We should have known from that twitter snippet that this track was gonna be a banger. Turbo kills every aspect of this song. From the hook, chorus, and verse it grabs and even demands your attention.

The entire album is filled with over the top production and vocals that will continue to grab your attention, and for that, it makes this project so good. Even though it has only been out for a day, this is some of Turbo’s finest work. His vocals have switched up a bit and he did some stuff from Turbo Bieber and Rack Racer which make for an extremely enjoyable first listen and every listen afterward too. Turbo without a doubt is made a name for himself in the underground and honestly, I could see him getting signed soon to a major label even with (while in the underground huge) small but dedicated fanbase. Check this project out. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with it.


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