When Nine9 is on the beat you’ll know it. “Nine9 really kicking shit, you heard?” Followed by an entrancing melody. Engulfing your ears with unmatchable synths and bass lines. There is no way out of the trance. The beats sound full, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a beat of his that was empty. They give off an almost overwhelming feeling. His production exceeds any barriers, artists float over the sounds he lays down.

There are artists where this is wildly beneficial to them. Artists who focus on melodious bars seem to never miss with him in the driver seat. He’s not driving a Honda Civic, this man is speeding in a big body Benz. Duwap Kaine and Nineraxx are the artists he’s seen working with a grip. Both of which excel over his production, it is tailored directly to their style. SSG Kobe also has shown some of his best work to date when the Salisbury producer is behind the beat.

Producing all of Duwap Kaine’s Underdog project, 13 tracks. Shaping the entire wave that it would take and shining at it. After listening front to back you feel like you just left earth. It’s no question his talent is hitting the fan. His potential is through the roof. Barely any work has truly been seen yet. Whatever is to come will be lethal. Guaranteed. He’s already up in the stars.


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