FRXSTBITE keeps pumping out heat. Today he came out with his long-awaited producer tape entitled PERMAFRXST. This tape features a plethora of underground talent. From the likes of KuruSudiMochilaKiryano, Drako Bills, Redarmbandit, SEBii, YNB201, and Hellfiger. To say the least, this tape is stacked. Now let’s dive into this tape.

I want to start off by saying that FRXSTBITE is a producer and an amazing one at that. This tape is filled with amazing melodies all ranging from what feels like different points of inspirations. I talked to him prior to this article and asked him what some of his inspirations for his sound were. He stated that he gets a lot of inspiration from Bladee and Imogens. His sound on this project has a sound similar to some like Akiba Pop. The bubblegum synths he uses pair beautifully with all the different artists he chooses to work with.

The first song that really stood out to me has to be Drako Bills & RedArmBandit track “Molly In The Moonlight”. The track really caught my attention to the atmosphere it gave off. the song starts right away with no time for you to even catch a breath. The opening the track feels likes a dream. From what sounds like thumping of a bottle along with a very light but powerful piano key strikes, it emulates the feeling of floating. The song quickly switches to what feels amount like a nightcore song. From the fast bpm to the video game-like melodies this is a beat you have to hear. Along with that both Drako Bills and RedArmBandit keep up with the fast bpm without a fret. The duo seems nearly on top of the beat at every twist and turn it has. Very good job from two of the ICEDOUTANGELS.

Another song that was hard as hell on this tape was the SEBii song “Sticks N Stones” It starts what most people put at the end of their songs. A slow down. From the beginning it sure to be an attention grabber cause, for anyone that has heard SEBii, you know he is a voice is higher pitched. After a short while, the song stops and speeds up to the regular bpm you will hear for the rest of the track. The melody on this track felt like something straight out of Final Fantasy. It sounds like rainfall trickling down on you during the ending of a climactic scene in the story. FRXSTBITE created such beautiful imagery with just a melody. I haven’t even started talking about the drums or SEBii. The drums on this track feature what sounds like a very fast hi-hat along with a snare hit every once in a while. This featuring the rainfall like melody makes for a very exciting listen. SEBii only plays along with this and using his soft voice, only added to the beauty of this track.

Sticks and stones can’t break my body // Cause I got all this ice all on me

When I heard those lines the first thing heard this line was how angelic this track came out to be. From the slowed down portion of the track right at the beginning, to end on something like this, this track made me fill with enjoy and excitement to keep listening to not only this song more than once but this project on repeat.

FRXSTBITE isn’t a name you are seeing a lot with the bigger names on the underground right now. But if you are big on collectives (Like I am), you are sure to see him everywhere and this project shows why. From his choices in people to work with to the imagery he can create with beats alone, it shows he is headed straight for the top. This is one of my top projects so far this year. I’m so glad this came out and I just knew I had to listen to it right when it came out. Check out the project down below and tell us what you think. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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