The evolution of Kodone has been a glorious journey to witness. Late 2015 into 2016 marks a time where he was at the charge of Soundcloud cover arts. Any artist who was at the head of the wave at that time was coming tough with these covers. Warhol’s “Speed Racer”, that’s Kodone. Lil Yachty, Playboi Carti, UnoTheActivist, Lil Uzi Vert, Divine Council, RonSoCold, many more were putting the visual appeal of their drops into his hands. This is when these artists were still on their climb to the top. It was essential that the artwork be stellar, and that is what was delivered, time and time again.

His cover art is a mere representation of the full artist. Tulsa’s own has extensive artistic capabilities. A style that is distinguished among others. “Papikodone” was visibly marked on his work. No tag is necessary now, it has not been for a minute. Those familiar can easily look at a piece and know, that’s Kodone. His track record almost guarantees that everybody has seen him. A resume that is a graphic artist dream.

Each piece holds a different level of value. Regardless they evoke emotion, some more perceivable than others, but an underlying message seems to always lay within. This is his form of expression and he is open when it comes to his art. The love for the game is blatant by the work itself. His style is not only distinct, it is cherished. A beautiful blend of contrast paired with disproportion. Taking reality and making it surreal.

Paying homage to Hip-Hop is something that he has done an exceptional job at. More importantly, Hip-Hop that is relevant directly to our generation. There aren’t many artists I can think of who illustrate moments in recent Hip-Hop history in such a manner.  In the past few weeks, Kodone has been on a roll with pieces like this. Recreating album covers, bringing lyrics to life, putting viral instances on the drawing board. He is going 80 with it, every single day new work. All of which he is creating for himself, because he wants to and we are blessed enough that he shares them.

Chief Keef Vine Recreation
Evolution Of Lucki
Flying Uzi
Future Hitting That
Honoring Mac


That is where he stands right now. Where he deserves to be. At the top but still peaking, a renowned position to be in. In a headspace where he can create for himself, first and foremost. The price is up, better have $1000 if you want a commission. He’s earned it and the underground couldn’t be happier for him. Greatness is still being produced everyday.  Nobody can slow down the momentum he’s got going. He’s on fire right now, he’s been on fire. People are just starting to take notice. Stop playing with Kodone!



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