Yesterday, I had to sit in a room for about 5 hours and take an exam, and throughout those long hours, the only thing getting me through the rest of my day, was the thought of coming home and finally being able to listen to TravionKB‘s and DENNIS‘s brand new project EGO DEATH. I’ve always been a fan of Travion’s production, with him showing off his flirtatious knack for melodies on now-deleted tracks like “1 note” where he flipped a iconic Michael Jackson vocal and transformed it into a beautiful 4 minute track that still lingers in my head whenever I’m stuck in a confined prison for 7 hours. But on here, he takes it to a whole nother level, truly expanding on his euphoric style that sounds like a soundtrack to a trippy David Lynch film or an episode of the otherworldly show that is Twin Peaks. Beats like “Stalker,” and “Set Up” are fine examples of a level of production that producers spend their whole life trying to attain, and Travion has already done that, finding the perfect sound and niche for him with artists like DENNIS and BBY KODIE; and the fact that he’s only a senior in high school making captivating beats that sound like modern takes on classical sounds, up to the likes of Beethoven is astonishing, and he’s only gonna evolve from here.

And unlike most artists tapes, the production isn’t the only highlight on here, the other piece of bread that completes this delicious sandwich is Dennis’s brutally honest and genuine lyrics that scream passion and rage. He opens the track with probably the best intro and most relate-able track I’ve heard all year long, with the self-titled entry “ego death.” Lines like “this is the death of my ego, I had to get over myself, I go harder the darker it gets” hit home to me. It’s as if there’s someone right there in front of me, emerging from the screen and holding out a hand for me, someone who’s been in the abyss and can finally lead me out. With emotional lines like that paired with the classical sounds of Travion, “EGO DEATH” is a joy, not solely to my ears, but to my soul. And I can’t even begin to fathom how many quoteables are jam packed into each song:

“Ima make it regardless, despite of this shit, I’m not with the talking, I’m quiet as shit/Shout out to god, but I’m still not christian/ I stay in my lane and I keep looking straight/Been had the vision back in the hallways/did this shit by myself, I don’t need no help/started from the bottom, Ima be up there with Opera/Made it all the way here with no shoulder to lean on/take the alley, you can’t take the main road/gotta get it, gotta do it for my bros.”

On every single song there’s at least a few lines that just made me sit back in my seat and reflect, and not many artists have the ability to have an impact on me like that. There’s even a part in the cut “Brainless” where Dennis “prays to god that” there’s someone out there that can feel his lyrics and if he’s reading this, there is, and in due time, there’ll be millions of others just like me.

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