After his breakthrough hit Luvly , kketamine has finally released a new song entitled can’t feel. With help from fellow rapper killz and production from himself, this is song is sure to become just another hit in his already impressive catalog.

While kketamine hasn’t put out a ton of music up until this point, his fan base is cult-like. He has released one song prior to this on his SoundCloud, and in just a month it has garnered over 17.1k plays. Check it out below and let me know what you think.

If you are in the collective scene as well, you would know him from RADIATION. This group is creating one of the hottest sounds in the underground right now. I just wanted to give a brief introduction to kketamine as while his fanbase is cult-like, it’s still quite small. Just having 685 followers on SoundCloud and just about 300 on twitter, it’s amazing how he has gained such a dedicated fan base in a short time. Now let’s get into what everyone wants to here, what the song sounds like.

The song starts it with this very ethereal and soothing sounding melody that plays in the background. Shortly after we get a nice piano that echos in your ear, complementing the melody just the right amount. The mix on just the melody and piano is amazing cause they both quiet but together they are just the right volume. After the melody and the piano go on for about 25 seconds, we here the semtex sound from Black Ops 2 into a camera flash and then the vocals come in.

I can’t feel a thing just popped a bean // I’ve been on my own don’t talk to me

While the lyrics aren’t any super meaningful, it makes the song super fun to listen to. You don’t have to take serious and with bright and colorful energy that radiates from this song, it makes it super catchy as well.

kketamine is an artist that is looking to have a bright future ahead of him. His song after been only up for a couple hours has already reached his follower count and growing past it. Make sure to keep an eye on him cause soon enough he will be at the top and you’ll be left wondering where he came from. Check out the song down below and tell us what you think.



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