Josen brings us an ignorant party anthem for the summer with OUTSIDE!! The New York artist brings out his west coast side in him with the help of producer LeanYSL.

This track is down right infectious. Song starts out with a nice layed back melody. Just switching between two or three notes. While the melody is just there for the artist to ride on and vibe with, the drums are a completely different thought. The drums are filled with Energy and charisma.

The thing that makes this song special is Josen’s rapping ability. Josen almost sounds like he is effortlessly just rapping over this beat and it makes it so good. As soon as you hear his voice on this track it feels almost like you are put in a trance and you have to pay attention to him. Bobbing your head with every bar and making a stank face with it too, at least that’s what happened to me.

Jose has made a summer anthem for the 2019 and summer hasn’t even started yet. This track with be sure to be playing at every party you go to and if not, it’s time for you start DJing and put people on to Josen. Check out the track down below and tell us what you think.

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