There may not be two rappers in Atlanta who are more unlike. On one hand, you have NicX: the battle-tested, scarred, and certainly resilient artist by way of Cleveland. His is the textbook case of real life getting in the way of hip-hop.

Turls, on the other, is a rapper given in to his own interests and influences. He is also much more prolific than NicX, while not nearly as experimental, despite being experimental in his ear for production in his own right.

Thus, when we talk about their collaborative work Tale Of The Times, we talk about what happens when an introverted artist works on music with an extroverted artist.

Tale Of The Times is a brief 3-track effort from the artists that sounds like people trying to make sense of things while they are firmly grounded. NicX brings the seasoned, been there done that energy on verses that move a mile a minute and Turls invokes a young Wiz Khalifa on hooks that sound as natural as any hook in rap music today.

Tale Of The Times features production from Turls, Givtd, and Emmitt Breezy.


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