You can always expect nothing but the highest quality from Mavi. New rhyme schemes and experimentation are found within every new track. Each and everyone shows his progression, an impressive flow with vivid lyricism. When it seems he has reached top-tier lyricism, he raises the bar again.

Alone, IWontproduced by the great all-around artist Navy Blue. Mavi’s vocals are altered, they sound subtly drowned out. His words hold self-empowerment, reassurance that he has significant worth. Nothing but the best can be affiliated with him. His writing has been a source of healing, it’s getting him to where he knows he should be. Yet he states “there ain’t no ribbon where my finish line is”.

Art keeps Mavi from being alone. It keeps him occupied, in tune with himself. ElevatorPitch details this, how the art is an escape. Over easygoing, Lo-Fi production from Ntvrme, the many struggles around him are laid out in a poetic display. Quickly transitioning from line to line, using adept breathe control.

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