VHS is a veteran producer from Los Angeles who stunts his latino background with pride. His brand El Mercado or “The Market” in English is a prime example of this. El Mercado is also one of his most recent projects, an eight track offering from last December. Compiled of extravagant beats that take listeners all over the world, with bars from the game’s top-dog emcees. Including artists like Chris Crack, Tedy Andreas, Adonis, Eto, Hus Kingpin, Sleep Sinatra, and more. It is no question that there is respect and notoriety behind his name.

His most recent collaboration with Long Beach emcee Adonis is a prime display of his worldly ear. Victoria is five tracks, each one holding a unique style, all seemingly sounding culturally significant. Beats that sound straight from a scene in the Alamo to dinner in Sicily with an Italian mob boss, even into a traditional Catholic mass. Not to mention Adonis is laying down some of the most lethal lyrics that 2019 has seen yet.

An ability to craft magnificent loops with no boundaries. There is no rules behind his production, he can flip anything. Whether it be soul or jazz from within the states to the sounds of foreign singers, he is going to make some heat. The multicultural sounds take Hip-Hop to another level. Day in and Day out, producers like VHS continue to take the music to new heights and open new lanes.




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