You know what time it is when Kyd gets on the mic. Straight bars and an authentic flow. Tap In is the South Phoenix representative’s EP from January. A five track offering that touches all grounds, music that can be played in any circumstance. Raps to wake up to and keep in rotation all day. In your headphones, on your speakers, at the barbecue, the function, or just simply in the crib. These are versatile sounds for all ranges of anyone’s day.

With production from Otsfio, Zona, Loecc, and himself — the EP evokes all emotions in such a short period of time. Running around 15 minutes, lyrics embodying tales of a bonafide hustler to the struggles that come alongside. Each word is delivered in a hungry manner. As if every line means life or death, win or lose. His voice has a strong sense of determination and the drive to take his music further is heard in every syllable. This comes back to the authenticity that he brings to the table.

Five tracks leave the listener yearning for more. A deluxe edition is set to drop sooner than later, so keep on the lookout for that. Until put Tap In up in your rotation. Do yourself a favor and boss your life up with the Kyd.


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