Los Angeles has served as one of Hip-Hop’s premier locations since the late 80s’. The West Coast has always kept a signature sound, producers have come and gone, leaving their own touch. K. Fisha is responsible in contributing to the evolution over the past decade. Recently he’s been a consistent counterpart to Larry June, not seeing production from him on a project is unheard of. His resume features other well-known West Coast artists such as Dom Kennedy, Casey Veggies, Jay305, Kris Hollis, and Niko G-4. While also working with accredited emcees far from the coast, Curren$y, Payroll Giovanni, and Big Quis.

His sound is versatile, he excels at tailoring to each artist he works with. He’s given us everything from the early, energetic, newfound LA sound that Casey Veggies came up on. Now to the Bay Area twist that sounds as if it was destined for Larry June to speak on his healthy, extravagant, and calm lifestyle over. Beats that enthrall the audience, grasp their complete attention and keep them locked in for the duration of each track. Somehow finding the perfect balance between mellow and vibrant, like the yin and yang.

Over the years he’s established himself as one of the producers from the region that artists can lean on. All credit is due, he continues to elevate his craft. Receiving new placements, holding down the artists that call upon him. One of the most underrated and reliable producers on the West Coast.



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