When an artist finally starts to receive the praise they deserve after all their hard work, that is a gratifying moment. That seemed to have occurred with Mavi‘s most recent track “Squash Match”. The incredible lyricist was applauded from every angle by blogs, publications, and fans. Some just becoming aware of his blatant talent, others continuing to support. This has been a longtime coming for the Charlotte emcee. He has put out nothing but exceptional work, outdoing himself with every new effort. As he continues to release singles let us not forget how adeptly he can compile a project.

No Roses is the most recent of his two projects, Beacon being his first. Both released in 2017, No Roses was towards the end of the year, October almost November. Intricate production embodies the 11 tracks, from alluring piano loops to soulful jazz. A soundscape that Mavi excels on as words are positioned in the perfect pockets. His delivery even nearly two years ago was undeniably advanced. That’s the repercussions of practicing over MF Doom’s Special Herbs Series religiously and having a given gift to rap. Using the poetic style he is so well-known for; alliteration, exquisite rhyme schemes, repetition, vivid imagery, just a few of the tactics employed.

The structure is meticulous, each track is positioned in a way to flow to the next one smoothly. Both sonically and conceptually. Yet they all hold the potential to be interchangeable. He articulates his life at the time in depth through his lyrics. Struggles he endures with women to the recurring cycle of his past drug usage. Thoughts that seemed to haunt him, depression that followed, the vices that helped him cope. He paints the pain, a wordsmith who can release his past and present emotions remarkably. All on his own accord except for one feature from Orpheus on “Crime Pays”.

We spoke about this project back in September of last year, Mavi recalled that the writing process was unhealthy. He would “have an anxiety attack then write for 40 minutes”, that is how each song was created. This was something that he seemed to regret, he felt irresponsible for expressing his emotions in that manner. That his work may be misconstrued. Yet this was his smile in the dark. The music allowed him to get these demons off his chest, his expression was necessary. It was the start of his blooming.

Where Mavi has come since that project and also that conversation is outstanding. He manifested how he would maneuver in the future. Using his platform and potent ability to construct raps to uplift and empower. Shedding his wisdom and giving us his identity in the light. While consistently sharpening his arsenal of flows and knowledge.


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