Rockville’s esteemed Lil Xelly continues to relentlessly drop music. Returning with a double header No Way Out and Final Fantasy 2 to celebrate his born day. Then another EP just yesterday titled Invader Xrr. Bringing nothing but strong bars and a dominant flow on all offerings. Just when we think he’s letting us breathe, he’s right back on our necks with new high-caliber music. This is the usual case for the persistent artist.

No Way Out features three tracks, an EP produced by SenseiATL who also produced all of the new Slimesito and Fluhkunxhkos project. Xelly only keeps hard working company around him. Head cracking beats with a delivery full of energy. This is that music for when you’re in the field like Brady.

Bringing the second installment of Final Fantasy to the light. The first featured five tracks produced by DPBeats. He employs the illustrious Danny Wolf for this one, providing the eleven tracks that each push the limit. The bass is booming, drum patterns keep your heart pounding, melodies that tie it all together. Xelly demonstrates the many flows he has in his bag, switching up and keeping us enthralled for the entire duration.

Three completely different tracks, from his approach to the overall soundscape. Invader Xrr exhibits his vocal range and capability. His hardbody lyrics are also in full effect. SparkHeem, KapeThaGoat, and KDTreyDos are called to action for the production.


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