Buffalo is a city that has Hip-Hop on its back right now. Griselda Records have been  terrorizing their opponents constantly. Providing an unmatchable resilience and devotion to the craft of rapping. The frontrunners in bringing back reality raps, vivid accounts of their lives over contemporary boom-bap beats. Camouflauge Monk is accredited with creating these very sounds, a true machine on the boards. Supplying them and any artist who is worthy of spitting over his production.

He does not allow just anyone to showcase their flows, only the best of the best are stepping into his ring. His loops are cut pristinely, his arrangement for each beat is immaculate. Painting soundtracks that are made for the gritty bars of a crime pays lifestyle. That’s why these aren’t for everyone. Only artists who can speak their story fluently can keep up with his mastery. Orchestrating each record like Jim Kelly in the pocket.

With a number of beat tapes out, most featuring these extraordinary lyricists and artists. As well as countless placements for top-tier rappers. It is safe to say you can count on Monk to create nothing less than straight audible crack. His most recent project and second installment of a series, Last Real Nigguh 2 is a prime example. Perfect balance between instrumentals and lyrically filled records. Featuring artists that are always going to deliver with potency including; AnkhleJohn, Hus Kingpin, Jamal Gasol, and more. He truly knows how to paint a picture.

Link to Last Real Nigguh 2 




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